hypnosis for stressReduced Anxiety and Stress using Anxiety Hypnotherapy/Hypnosis for Anxiety

Hypnosis can help you to relax and enjoy a happier life. Stop emotions and fears from ruling your life!

What is Anxiety?

Do you experience frequent anxiety, worry or stress that stops you from getting on with your life? Do you battle each day with fear that is so debilitating you can’t focus on anything else?

You are not alone! According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics (2007) Anxiety affects 14% of adult Australians every year.

Almost everyone experiences anxiety at some time in their life, when your brain receives the message that you are in danger, your body and mind get ready to respond. You may feel a sense of heightened awareness which is accompanied by physical sensations such as heart palpitations, shortness of breath, chest pain or headaches. You may notice sweating, trembling and feelings of dread or panic. Don’t worry this flight or fight response is a natural reaction and helps you to respond to stressful situations.

In most cases anxiety will pass when the situation has passed, but for some people, the anxiety can become prolonged and affect their quality of life, self esteem and moods. Living with constant fear, worry or anxiety will take its toll on your health and on your life, are you ready to let it go?

Anxiety can keep us stuck

Are anxiety or panic attacks controlling you? Are they interfering with your work, your relationships and your self-esteem? Are you tired of your thoughts and feelings running your life? Perhaps these feelings are holding you back, preventing you from becoming your best! Sometimes triggers such as stress at work, financial worries, relationship problems, loss or illness can cause us to feel stressed. Sometimes things that happen today can “push buttons” from the past. We react all out of proportion to what is actually happening because of past difficulties. This can be especially true of panic attacks and post-traumatic stress. Anxiety Hypnotherapy can give you relief and help you to relax and look at things from a different perspective.

Fears and phobias can be a real mystery

“Why am I afraid of this? It makes no sense!” The fears can be about anything – public speaking, exams, crowds, heights, closed spaces, flying, medical or dental procedures, bridges, birds or spiders. The answer is in the past!

How Anxiety Hypnotherapy can help you

Whether you are looking to overcome generalized anxiety or relief from anxiety attacks, panic disorders, post traumatic stress disorder or other anxiety related conditions, Anxiety Hypnotherapy can help you to stop emotions and fears from running your life! Treatment for anxiety using hypnotherapy has proved very effective in resolving anxiety, stress, fears and phobias. Anxiety Hypnotherapy and Hypnosis can help you to relax and take things as they come.

Anxiety Hypnotherapy works by accessing your sub-conscious mind and reprogramming your thinking so that you can enjoy a normal life and experience normal levels of anxiety.

  • Your Anxiety Hypnotherapy sessions are designed specifically for your needs and will help you feel better from your first session
  • Anxiety Hypnotherapy is a procedure which can induce deep states of relaxation and you will find after just one session you will feel more relaxed than you ever felt possible and experience a feeling of calmness in both your body and mind.

Your Journey to Transformation

The path to transformation is a journey and it begins with one small step, whether your next step is to contact me to talk about your anxiety, stress, fear or phobia or how you can increase relaxation in the turmoil of your present life, it really doesn’t matter.

Anxiety Hypnotherapy can help you to transform your life for good so take that first step now.