Would you like to feel really happy about your body? Weight Loss Hypnosis can help you discover one of the best ways to lose weight and to feel good about yourself!

lose weight hypnosis

How does this work?

Weight loss through hypnosis takes care of what diets leave out – your unconscious mind. By working on the part of your mind that stores patterns for your habits and behaviours, we can help you to change your relationship with food so that you are back in control! Since most diets work on willpower alone, they fail to recognise the huge impact that our unconscious mind has on our relationship to food. By dealing with the urges that drive you to comfort eat, eat too much or crave fast foods we can get your unconscious mind on your side, on the side of healthy eating and healthy weight loss.

This safe and natural way of managing your weight will help you to change from the inside so you can easily maintain your natural body weight and develop new unconscious attitudes towards food.

After our hypnosis sessions you will notice you desire healthy foods instead of unhealthy foods and feel more motivated to enjoy exercise. Weight Loss Hypnosis will help you learn how to create a healthy, balanced relationship with food easily and effortlessly.

Choose my weight loss program and…

  • Gain real control over your eating patterns
  • Feel differently about food
  • Maintain motivation to achieve your weight loss goals
  • Break the patterns and habits of poor or over eating
  • Take control of your hunger and weight
  • Create a healthy relationship with food
  • Program your mind to stick to a healthy, balanced life style
  • Take control of your life today


In your mind’s eye
Visualise your body as healthy and balanced
Visualise it at your ideal weight
Feel the contentment this brings
Visualise yourself smiling….feeling really pleased with your body
Say to yourself….This is the real me
I want to have the body I am seeing
It’s going to be my body soon (Deepak Chopra)


man lost weightVirtual Gastric Band Hypnosis

A new development in hypnosis for weight loss is the use of a technique called Virtual Gastric Band hypnosis, which makes your mind think that you’ve had gastric band surgery and causes you to feel full much quicker than you normally would. Read more about virtual gastric band hypnosis.

Weight Loss Hypnosis Results

Most people are not aware of the amazing success hypnosis can have on weight loss. Clinical research has shown that when hypnosis is added to weight loss plans it increased weight loss by an average of 97% during treatment; and increased the effectiveness of the post treatment plan by 146%. (Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology 1996)